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Writing: An Update

May 15, 2014 Leave a comment

“With the wooden floor’s first creaky footfall, Maggie knew she shouldn’t be here.”

And thus opens our story.

I guess, since I’m about 2,300 words into my story, this makes me a writer now (despite my previous post of desperation).  Progress is progress I suppose.

With two scenes under my belt, and I still haven’t introduced my antagonist yet.  Eek.  I’m finding coming up with an introduction scene for my antagonist to be difficult.  I think the introduction of the antagonist will be brief, and probably fit in somewhere between the two scenes I’ve already written.

I’m glad I’m finally at the point where I actually start writing, and not just researching.  I’ve tried to come up with some kind of outline, but was told by others that I didn’t really need one.  I have a loose series of events at play in my noodle, I just have to get them down on paper and figure out the details.

Class starts Monday, so I’ll have to split my time between school work, house work and writing, but I think I’ll keep up with this.  I have four “beta” readers who are helping me along, and I thank them for their contributions.

For now, I think I’ll get back to considering how to introduce my antagonist.  Ta!


Found Poetry: Seek Thy Love

April 29, 2013 Leave a comment

Mischief in the temple
mischief on my sex
as men do –
we were not made to.

Make a heaven
to die upon
and seek thy love
with the enameled skin
of a disdainful youth.

(ref: “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, William Shakespeare)

Found Poetry: Hell to pay

November 1, 2012 Leave a comment

Poems of Sorrow


A moment unlocked across Gravel and mud
nearly decapitated she stood empty.

To her, a red light sang protest.
jerking and twitching she rattled.

In a perfect world
She would have shone like polished stone.

she found herself floating bigger and bolder
only minutes earlier anger lay

there was no stopping

There would be hell to pay

(ref: “The Art Of Deception” by Ridley Pearson, pg 201)

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