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Found Poetry: Breath Of God

Thy soul shall find
dark thoughts of secrecy;
solitude not loneliness —
in death be still.

Night stars with light
like a burning fever —
visions from thy spirit
like the breath of God
still the shadowy mystery


(ref: Spirits of the Dead by Edgar Allen Poe, see below for breakdown)

Thy soul shall find itself alone
dark thoughts of the grey tomb-stone —
Not one
, of all the crowd, to pry
Into thine hour
of secrecy:

Be silent in that solitude
Which is not loneliness — for then
The spirits of the dead who stood
In life before thee are again

In death around thee — and their will
Shall then overshadow thee:
be still.

For the night — tho’ clear — shall frown —
And the
stars shall look not down,
From their high thrones in the Heaven,

With light like Hope to mortals given —
But their red orbs, without beam,
To thy weariness shall seem
a burning and a fever

Which would cling to thee for ever :

Now are thoughts thou shalt not banish —
Now are
visions ne’er to vanish —

From thy spirit shall they pass
No more —
like dew-drop from the grass:

The breeze — the breath of God — is still
the mist upon the hill
Shadowy —
shadowy — yet unbroken,
Is a symbol and a token —
How it hangs upon the trees,
mystery of mysteries! —

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